Sunday, December 6, 2009

st lucia festival

mom...i forgot her name mom...what was her name mom? (santa lucia) okay this picture is to learn me to dance. she is not singing. she is..uh...i dont know what she is doing? (why is she up there?) because they was gunna sing for her. they was gunna sing like her. (why does she have candles on her head?) because thats what they do. (who is they?) they do. the people. but i dont know what the names are. yeah the swedish. (who are the swedish?) all those kids are. they like dancing. they like you. they like us. they put candles on her head because they have numbers on they heads. swedish festival. i went fishing. and i got a fish. no i got a swedish bag...a sweet bag. my goodie bag. goodie bag. mom thats all it is. thats all thatsall. mbbbb. (stop...all done? all done talking about it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

max and asher

mom i want to write the blog (you dont know how to write  yet) mom i do know how to write. (fine, go ahead)   hb xbvhjhgvjfgdhsdeffsggvfuyftsygyaedfgte  r uw yry6rruedhwiruirtyroeyrtutrgbvvbbbbdcjshgffjhdgjdgfyghbgfhgfhht tttrughht (what does that mean?) uh, mom, it means Bryson Wallace Barnes. i pressed "B" mom. there is B. mom there is B. theres B theres B theres B theres B. (what about your picture?)bbbbbh vghggufy (stop) mom you could talk about my blog. (but this is your blog, not mine) i dont want to talk about it. (why did you take it) i took it for someone else. to send it to someone. (who?) i wanted to send it to asher. my best friend asher. i wanted to send it to him. (why?) because he is my favorite friend. (why?) know why! because he is the best and he is the greatest and grandpa craig is the bum. and asher is the greatest and uncle jake is not the greatest. (what are you wearing?) i am wearing the camera....hahahahah....i'm wearing the camera...(what else?) mom i dont know. i'm wearing my max suit (why?) because i like. to. mom, dont scoot right here because i am going to see where Bodie that is my spot, dont scoot. (you were talking about your max suit) its because i like my max suit and mom when is the next halloween? i am gunna be max for the next halloween. no, i'm gunna be santa and i'm gunna share and i'm gunna give my max suit to asher, oh but i'm not because i like my max suit. mom thats all it is. mom thats all it is. mom thats all it is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

more nature walk

 the forest. mom i can't do this. mom i want to get down. thats a forest mom. thats a forest.

 i wanted to know what it is. mom what is that furry thing? i think it is a cave. my closet could be a cave. make a cave. mom we should make a cave.

 what is that? its my max leg. all aboard! but mom it looks like a ghooooost....

 uh mom...that one is for concentrating and doing all unner going to church. i took it at the nature walk.

that ones for concentrating. i want to write the numbers. mom i want to write the numbers..bbbbyujhhjhhnmmbnm,h,hk,hkhmhmmbmb,b,bb (okay my turn) mom i want to try some more. (how bout you talk about your pictures?) i dont think i want to. woah! mom howd you get that smaller? did you press "A"? that is A...that is A...AAAAAA...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


mom i didnt want to take that picture, but i did.

mor mor the great

what was she gunna get? i want to talk about it like mom...just uh...that mor mor's great. i took it because mor mor is great. mom i took it about mor mor because she is great. i just was doing something with her. like...just uh...cutting some she took me to the uh...on a walk...or at the park...and...i love her.

where the wild bryson is...

but i took it because i like my max suit. moooom dont write it just gunna say one...eeeewwww who did that? (why do you like wearing your max suit?) because i like it. because i like it. because mom i looooove max. because. just because. i love people and stuff. uh i do say that i took at the nature walk (that is at our house) i took uh....because mom....its because mom theres max! the king of the wild things thats why...i like the movie because mom...i love it...and because max is the king of the wild things.  thats why i loved the movie. carol was my favorite then max bof of them was my favorites mom. (what was your favorite part of the movie?) when carol ruined the houses. that was my favorite part. and when they was making the fort. that was my favorite part.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i cant talk about this picture when i have a fever cause we arent going to the running beach. he was in the water in the water way deep...he was way way way where the fishies know that? you know that he was? because he wanted to be in the water...but he cant cause its know that mom? you know that? (who are you talking about?) pockey pock. he is my favorite favorite friend. he is way deep in the water. he is way deep in the water and he is with the fishies and the fishies are his friends. the big boys are in the water and they got biten by the shark that is pockey pock's friend. they just have blood and they just hurt theyselves. oh mom they are three bites from the shark. because the other one got all bit all over the place because he just was bitten. (anything else?) no. mom some other kids got bite from some fish. but mom only pockey pock will get bite from some mean fish (i thought they were his friends?) oh yeah...they are.

mom. when i was sleeping last night daddy said it breaks my heart when he spanks me. (why did he spank you?) no no mom. i mean it breaks his heart when he spanks me because he doesnt like to spank me and do you dont like to spank me too? (of course i dont) oh okay. then dont spank me when i be a bad boy! (what should we do then when you are a bad boy?) just should hug me when i am a bad boy. (really? will that teach you anything?) yeah. oh and mom someone almost drinked all of my orange gooterade. who did it mom? did you do it? (i am trying to write about the picture) oh. (anything else you want to say about the picture?) nope.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

jesus on a cross

there's bloodholes. oh i was gunna talk about something else. the nails are for Jesus so he won't get the cross. and they rolled the dice because someone else wants to wear his clothes. they want to wear his clothes because someone else wanted to be Jesus. that's why. the white is for his pee-nee because they put it on his pee-nee when he dies. i wanted to take another picture of him when he is on the computer. i sawed it at church mom. you're right mom i sawed it at church. what mom? what mom? what mom? what daddy do mom? what daddy do? (what did you see at church?) that thing on him. that white thing. i was gunna make it black. (who put it on him?) the people that was there. and when we was at meema and papas i had a tunnel cookie and we bringed it home. and mom did you pick me up? mom did you pick me up? oh...i thought i was gunna go by myself. (did Jesus stay on the cross?) NO! they put him in the tunnel and then he pushed the rock and then he went back in heaven. (do you want to say anything else?) nope. i just want to take a picture of him on the computer. oh mom daddy took a picture of me...put it on my blog. i thought i would die on the cross. (you won't...they don't do that anymore) oh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bottled Bodie

i like this picture cause he is smiling like...he's is like what? im gunna talk like a horse. and now he is talking like a horse still. and cause bottle(?) mom, bodie's like, i'm, bodie's like, i'm bottled (what does that mean) that means he's happy. about bodie. i want to talk about...i'm talking ice cream...ha ha ha...i'm talking ice make it splash on that. make it splash mom! oh yeah its all gone! make it splash again! (?) those number things both splash-ed. oh yeah! (anything else about your brother?) nothing else about my bro-yer...cause there isnt room. i talk about bodie down here. he is just...he is beautiful. mom, bodie's beautiful in there. i want to say that he is beautiful again. he is beautiful again. (anything else?) on the other pictures i want to say something.

ice cream colored things

(bryson did not take this picture, but wanted to talk about this i'll roll with it)

i'm eating ice cream. how do you talk about it, mom? (just say why you like the picture) i like the picture cause i'm eating ice cream. mom what is that? what is that colored things? mom what is that colored things? mom i want to go at the store and get ice cream. i like about ice cream with worms in it. mom i'm done talking. i'm done talking with this one. mom i want you to hold on to me. i need to hold on to you. i can't do this. you could just press the buttons now. (okay...i get it...sheesh!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the picnic one

mom we should go play golf and see how i hit balls. mom we didnt do that in a looong long time. is there a pencil somewhere (why?) cause i need to draw a ball. mom i drawed the golf ball and get ready and hit it and go *pshhhhhhhhhh* that is all the balls flying in the air. (what about this picture you took?) thats it mom. done golfing. done golfing mom. did you heard that? it was a good day but i dont want to say anything else. mom we should go golf! go golfing now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

the sky

say flying in the air. wait dont write it till its on! flying in the air. another...that was like over that line sky. mom lets go golfing. and i want to talk about another flying ball. mom i want to talk about another flying ball when i was hitting it with the tennis racket. when we was leaving. mom i wanna see one when we was hitting it on my tennis racket. the ball on my tennis racket when we was leaving.

i like the air when it has a line on it. thats why i like the air. mommy i want to go golfing again. lets go golfing mom. lets go golfiiiiiiiing. go golfing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

the driver

is it a driver of playing golf? is it a driver? (yes it is). it is a picture of playing golf. playing golf at the range. hitting balls. hitting golf balls? uh oh now my club got burned in the fire and now i cant use it. i like golf cause i'm a johnson. (who told you that?) uncle jake did. uncle darrol. buddy is a johnson and i am a johnson. we both johnsons. (what does that mean?) that means you're great.


bodie. bodie - D-R-Y-D-R-Y-D-R-Y - because bodie is like that D-R-Y (i am assuming he thinks that is how you spell his name) what is you doing? you feeding him? you feeding him mom. i like to say D-R-Y. D-R-Y Bodie. (singing) D-R-Y... D-R-Y...D-R-Y....(anything else?) um mom? the jacuzzi is just right. i want to go see daddy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy and daddy

daddy looks funny. daddy has a pacifier in his mouth. yes. thats funny. thats the one that i took. yes. lips are burning. oh - i want to see the one where you are putting your thumbs up.

yes yes yes. what one is a video? (none of them - they are pictures) yes they are let me show you (presses the enter key like 10 times with me saying that doesnt work and stop pushing that the entire time) you are putting your thumbs up. feeding bodie. you are feeding bodie. i want to see david bowie on your picture says, "power of voodoo"
(why did you take this picture?) cause i thought it was beautiful. cause it was beautiful.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

david bowie and baseball

why is your hair like that? (like what?) like that what i saw. why is your hair like david bowie? you are like david bowie in that picture.
its a picture of bodie. he is rolling over. and he was hitting baseballs and bodie was hitting baseballs - he was hitting baseballs! bodie was hitting baseball. he was playing baseball.

that's silly. that's when everyone goes huh huh huh huh hahahahahaha. just kidding im good at wasseling (wrestling) too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


that was the gondola. (why did you take the picture?) cause i wanted to. cause i wanted to. cause i wanted to. thats the gondola. (what did you do on it?) i played on it. the gondola when we go in. the gondola stops. now i want to see the gondola when we go up the hill with the broken trees.

(this one?) yes. with the broken trees. we was riding up the hill. yes. we was riding up the hill. mommy? (what?) uh, mommy i dont want to tell you something. i just want to draw. mommy let me go away! (fine, go) ::grumble grumble::

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i want to talk about the spiders. you want to see a black spider? mommy you want to see a black spider? i dont want to talk about the plant one. i want to see what spider is this. so i want to see a black spider. (but you took this picture of the garden) i cut the plants with my sharp scissors. i cut the one and i cut the other leaves too. and we need to leave one. mommy i want to talk about the black spider (fine - go ahead - i posted the pic of the spider...he didnt take that) black spider. i want a black spider. mommy mommy mommy put on the spider one. i want to see the black spider. well that one's red (referring to the brown widow picture i posted....which we found ALL over the backyard and now he is obsessed...great!) you cant make spiders dead mommy (referring to the 3 brown widows i killed). we want spiders to live. you're right those are brown. that is brown. its leg is brown. ummm....ummmm....can you touch another spider (no - those spiders hurt) well they're dead. mommy they're dead.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still Fruit

(why did you take this picture?) cause i wanted to. im not gunna talk about this picture. see? i dont like bananas. i like those fruit things. i like bananas and i like computers. i like to eat computers (smacking noise) what? i like to eat you (bites my nose...STOP! anything else about the picture?) i like to eat done. i want to do it later please.

the fridge

theres daddy and me and theres daddy and mommy. but i want to be in this picture. i wanted to be in that picture with you. we took that at chuck e cheese. me about you on that. what picture? (anything else) yes. i want to do my blog. me and me and me and me and me and me. and me and me. memememebbbbbb. (great. anything else?) memememememe.

the fridge. theres no people and there is people. there is people and there is people. and me and you and and my fridgerator be on this and this and this and this and Bodie and Bodie.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

computer heart

foot on the wall. log in. daddy took that picture in that box. in there. in. what? thats the picture. (talk about it) i dont know that. i dont know that picture. hey theres a heart right there. look at that box. mommy see that heart? let me show you the heart. (crawls up on the desk and points at it in the picture) did you see where i pointed to the heart? (yes) oh. (anything else?) the plant. is it the plant? is it a picture of the plant?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


FROM THE MAMA: so - i realized that bryson was IN the last photo and obviously not the picture taker and i also found out the other day that BRYAN took the one of eric and julia. which is funny because i thought it was in Bryson's batch and Bryson even asked me, "tell me about the picture you took" i thought he was being silly, but he actually REMEMBERS which are is funny - he is so serious about this blog - he tells me at very random times, "mommy can i put a picture on my bwog and tell people about it?" anyway - apologies for the false picture posts, but i'm not taking them down cause they are too precious!

Charlotte's Bday

where's charlotte? char-let, charlotte! oh. asher, charlotte and elliette and rashelle and rashelle and who is that mommy right there? (ella jayne) ella jayne? oh yes. ella jayne. thats all the people. (what were you doing?) we was cutting. we was cutting. and dwawing and gluing. we was gluing too. mommy has you seen that game the nose goes zzzzz and you put the plug in and it goes zzzzz (operation?) no. the things in the boys body. in his tummy. and we gotta get them out of that boy. its called that game. its at buddy and hopey's house. (what about the picture? anything else?) yes. and rashelle and ella jayne and charlotte and asher and the paper and the glue and the crayons and and and RASHELLE and CHARLOTTE!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

uncle peep

i didnt take a picture of that one. oh. oh. mommy i saw something on your finger. no look it on your other finger. (who is that bryson?) thats uncle pete. (what is he doing) he is going to go running. (what does he have on his head?) uh.uh. i dont know.oh yes. a headband. he is wearing a headband because he is going to go run with daddy and bryson and mommy and daddy and auntie. and you goed (talking to auntie sara) and then you didnt go and you goed to the party. whyd you go to the party? (i had to go to a shower, sara said) oh. but you cant go because the party is too little.

Friday, February 27, 2009


yes. but i dont see his face. he is at our house. wheres his face? i dont see his face. i didnt see his face. wheres his face? what? where is his face? mommy can you get me some water and i will put a straw in it and i will mix it into apple juice. i will mix it into strawberry milk. (this is asher) oh. hes my friend. hes at my house.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hopie...and Buddy and Katlyn and Gammy and Grandpa and oh...and Grandpa Craig. Uncle Jake said yesterday Grandpa Craig is the bum (he just left the room...okay he is back...anything else?) no. i dont want to.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

julia and eric

hey. what? hey. thats julia and eric. mommy wish they would come to our house again. so cute. so cute. so cute. so cute. ow. ow. ow. ow. nope. nope. mommy tell me bout your picture that you took (you took this picture bryson) oh. well. which one you took? i didnt took one. i didnt take one. mommy wheres the little camera? mommy give me that camera i have. the little one. (do you want to say anything else about this picture?) YES! julia and eric i said. julia and eric. julia and eric. im not talking about it anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kitty step

of the kitty? uh oh. i stepped on him. did i step on him? is that when i stepped on him? (what else do you want to say?) i want to say kitty step. kitty i stepped on buck-a-buck-koo. (why?) uh...i didnt step on him. let me see thats the foot. i wanna see thats a foot. can i see thats a foot. mommy wish i would have a computer. (you will someday) oh. i will put my pictures on the computer. oh im gunna have a computer.

Monday, February 23, 2009


i taked the picture of the rug. thats the rug. (and who is this?) thats bryson. (why did you take a picture of yourself) because i like that. that picture is good. what? these are aliens. those are aliens i drawed. (what about your pictures?) the picture is W Y. i taked the picture of W Y. (that is his frog...not sure what he is talking about at this point sorry...bryson anything else?) yes. once upon a time there was a boy named petrie. petrie? yes petrie. (okay i think i officially lost him)

umbrella golf

yeah - thats the one i took yestertime. its a golf ball in an umbrella...but those ones are stuck. and thats the camera thing. (i think he is talking about the string hanging down there) i was putting them in there - in the umbrella. nothing. thats all i did.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Beyond Borders

(today i took bryson with me to Beyond Borders, which is a series of plays put on by 5th graders, which our Jr League is putting on at an elementary school in downtown Long Beach. he asked me if he could take pictures so i let him, but he didnt take any of the actual plays...just the students around us...much more interesting to a 3 yr old i suppose - this is what he wanted to say....)

that one and that one. there is two. i just want to do two. that one (the back of the chair picture) looks like a beehive. (where were you today?) i was at the uh...uh...i dont know what i was at...i was at the play. (what play?) i dunno! the school play! (what were they about?) i dunno! i dont know mommy! about the play. i talked. did they dont like that?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


where are them? i can't see them! i pulled him. (who?) buck-a-buck-koo! (why?) cause i wanted to hold him. mommy i wanted to hold him cause i wanted to hold him. he screamed again. i want to see i talk to daddy (the video from the last post). i want to see him and i want see him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

vegetarian ducks

we took a picture of the ducks because they wanted to take a picture. thats why we do that. duck. he going to eat. (eat what?) the leaves! i like ducks cause i like them to eat the trees.

nature walk observations.

squirrel's back and his tail. my shoe and my other shoe. that is what i want to say. oh yeah. i want to see those ones. (where'd you take these pictures?) at a nature walk. i want to say some squirrel's body. that is what i want to say.