Friday, February 27, 2009


yes. but i dont see his face. he is at our house. wheres his face? i dont see his face. i didnt see his face. wheres his face? what? where is his face? mommy can you get me some water and i will put a straw in it and i will mix it into apple juice. i will mix it into strawberry milk. (this is asher) oh. hes my friend. hes at my house.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hopie...and Buddy and Katlyn and Gammy and Grandpa and oh...and Grandpa Craig. Uncle Jake said yesterday Grandpa Craig is the bum (he just left the room...okay he is back...anything else?) no. i dont want to.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

julia and eric

hey. what? hey. thats julia and eric. mommy wish they would come to our house again. so cute. so cute. so cute. so cute. ow. ow. ow. ow. nope. nope. mommy tell me bout your picture that you took (you took this picture bryson) oh. well. which one you took? i didnt took one. i didnt take one. mommy wheres the little camera? mommy give me that camera i have. the little one. (do you want to say anything else about this picture?) YES! julia and eric i said. julia and eric. julia and eric. im not talking about it anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kitty step

of the kitty? uh oh. i stepped on him. did i step on him? is that when i stepped on him? (what else do you want to say?) i want to say kitty step. kitty i stepped on buck-a-buck-koo. (why?) uh...i didnt step on him. let me see thats the foot. i wanna see thats a foot. can i see thats a foot. mommy wish i would have a computer. (you will someday) oh. i will put my pictures on the computer. oh im gunna have a computer.

Monday, February 23, 2009


i taked the picture of the rug. thats the rug. (and who is this?) thats bryson. (why did you take a picture of yourself) because i like that. that picture is good. what? these are aliens. those are aliens i drawed. (what about your pictures?) the picture is W Y. i taked the picture of W Y. (that is his frog...not sure what he is talking about at this point sorry...bryson anything else?) yes. once upon a time there was a boy named petrie. petrie? yes petrie. (okay i think i officially lost him)

umbrella golf

yeah - thats the one i took yestertime. its a golf ball in an umbrella...but those ones are stuck. and thats the camera thing. (i think he is talking about the string hanging down there) i was putting them in there - in the umbrella. nothing. thats all i did.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Beyond Borders

(today i took bryson with me to Beyond Borders, which is a series of plays put on by 5th graders, which our Jr League is putting on at an elementary school in downtown Long Beach. he asked me if he could take pictures so i let him, but he didnt take any of the actual plays...just the students around us...much more interesting to a 3 yr old i suppose - this is what he wanted to say....)

that one and that one. there is two. i just want to do two. that one (the back of the chair picture) looks like a beehive. (where were you today?) i was at the uh...uh...i dont know what i was at...i was at the play. (what play?) i dunno! the school play! (what were they about?) i dunno! i dont know mommy! about the play. i talked. did they dont like that?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


where are them? i can't see them! i pulled him. (who?) buck-a-buck-koo! (why?) cause i wanted to hold him. mommy i wanted to hold him cause i wanted to hold him. he screamed again. i want to see i talk to daddy (the video from the last post). i want to see him and i want see him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

vegetarian ducks

we took a picture of the ducks because they wanted to take a picture. thats why we do that. duck. he going to eat. (eat what?) the leaves! i like ducks cause i like them to eat the trees.

nature walk observations.

squirrel's back and his tail. my shoe and my other shoe. that is what i want to say. oh yeah. i want to see those ones. (where'd you take these pictures?) at a nature walk. i want to say some squirrel's body. that is what i want to say.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


(This was taken with his Diego Camera)
Your shoes? On the ground. I want to go to the lost city with my friends. tom's. they are tom's tom's. ah ah i'm bleeding i'm no...i did it with my sock...i think i'm in trouble. mumble mumble...(anything else you want to say?) when you want to see a picture you see a mit. (a mit? whats a mit?) a mit is when you see a rock or apples. apples some are green and are some are bad. (what about the picture?) the picture is when you see the garden and the angels.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beachbreak Cafe

When you was a pen i wanted to draw with you. i want to draw with you.

(Top Picture) Woah. By the rainbow.
(Second One Down) Oh yes. By a boat. Yes. By Mommy. Hmmmm. What is it Mommy
(Third One) Toilet? Was that a toilet?
(Fourth One) Bodie.
(Fifth One) The roll.

I like that one (the one of my uncle Kevin). Mommy, who is him? (he is your gruncle) Gruncle? Is that his house?
I like Mor Mor. I wish we would see Mor Mor. Mommy are we gunna see Mor Mor?
Mommy when you was a baby you used to play a drum. You used to play a machine. Mommy you used to blow up balloons for your birthday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Santa Barbara

The sky. Thats the jungle. I like them. I want to see an animal like a zebra or a camel. At the zoo.


Bodie was in the swing and it burned with fire on it...but just pretend. See that smoke. Mommy is that smoke? Oh i will put fire on that psssshhhh


That's Cory. He's a cool guy.

My First Camera

Bryson bought his first camera today and wanted to start putting pictures up on the computer like mommy.

I asked him why he wanted a camera - he said, "because i want to take pictures"
I asked him why he wanted to take pictures - he said, "because i am a boy."
so there you have it.
I will post his pictures with his the next entries will be entirely his words...seriously.