Thursday, April 29, 2010

madrona marsh

i looked at red ants. i like the red ants, but ants dont bite...wait...only red ones bite? but the little tiny black ones dont bite? (right) and the red ants do bite. do they? yeah. they do. there could be some more red ants because only they live in this place because they like to be in holes and stuff. and gophers love to be in holes. do gophers be in holes? (yes) they do. and gophers lay little tiny eggs, do they? (no) but i thought every animal lays eggs? (mammals dont) we dont. only animals lay eggs. but some dont. mom...know what? i want to do the B because i am gunna say this word.

(tell me about where we went) i like going here. i want to go here again. i would like to go here when its sunny. could we? when will you be watching me? when we wake up? (yes) and we could go here could we? (not tomorrow) why? (because we are going somewhere else tomorrow?) i like about the place that there were swamps and stuff. what other animals live in swamps? birdies. frogs. (good job!) i like going here because there are a lot of bugs and red ants. and i even love the thorns. when daddy watches me could you tell him the street to go here? no...he could already know how to go here with his navigator! his phone is a navigator! i love going here. that is all i want to say.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the golf cymbal

i'll type mom. i'll type. (no...i'll do it thanks) do K then R then Y and where is O? and then O. oh i love daddy but i dont really like going to my golf class, but i do cause it is good. i want asher to see this. bodie clapped with his hands. i like going golf with daddy, but i dont like doing bad swings. but i do like just doing good stuff. K i like this day. i like this day when i do this. what i am doing. and i like guns and nerf guns. i want a BB gun but i cant have a BB gun. my mom wont let me have one. uncle jake is just messes me up. look at all the histories we did on the golf course the last day. long day. yeah...this hit is good. i did good hits on this thing when i am good at golf. i am really good at golf, but not really. that is all i want to say and mom, i am done with this. mom i am done. mom i said i am done.