Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i want to talk about the spiders. you want to see a black spider? mommy mommy..do you want to see a black spider? i dont want to talk about the plant one. i want to see what spider is this. so i want to see a black spider. (but you took this picture of the garden) i cut the plants with my sharp scissors. i cut the one and i cut the other leaves too. and we need to leave one. mommy i want to talk about the black spider (fine - go ahead - i posted the pic of the spider...he didnt take that) black spider. i want a black spider. mommy mommy mommy put on the spider one. i want to see the black spider. well that one's red (referring to the brown widow picture i posted....which we found ALL over the backyard and now he is obsessed...great!) you cant make spiders dead mommy (referring to the 3 brown widows i killed). we want spiders to live. you're right those are brown. that is brown. its leg is brown. ummm....ummmm....can you touch another spider (no - those spiders hurt) well they're dead. mommy they're dead.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still Fruit

(why did you take this picture?) cause i wanted to. im not gunna talk about this picture. see? i dont like bananas. i like those fruit things. i like bananas and i like computers. i like to eat computers (smacking noise) what? i like to eat you (bites my nose...STOP! anything else about the picture?) i like to eat that...im done. i want to do it later please.

the fridge

theres daddy and me and theres daddy and mommy. but i want to be in this picture. i wanted to be in that picture with you. we took that at chuck e cheese. me about you on that. what picture? (anything else) yes. i want to do my blog. me and me and me and me and me and me. and me and me. memememebbbbbb. (great. anything else?) memememememe.

the fridge. theres no people and there is people. there is people and there is people. and me and you and and my fridgerator be on this and this and this and this and Bodie and Bodie.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

computer heart

foot on the wall. log in. daddy took that picture in that box. in there. in. what? thats the picture. (talk about it) i dont know that. i dont know that picture. hey theres a heart right there. look at that box. mommy see that heart? let me show you the heart. (crawls up on the desk and points at it in the picture) did you see where i pointed to the heart? (yes) oh. (anything else?) the plant. is it the plant? is it a picture of the plant?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


FROM THE MAMA: so - i realized that bryson was IN the last photo and obviously not the picture taker and i also found out the other day that BRYAN took the one of eric and julia. which is funny because i thought it was in Bryson's batch and Bryson even asked me, "tell me about the picture you took" i thought he was being silly, but he actually REMEMBERS which are his....it is funny - he is so serious about this blog - he tells me at very random times, "mommy can i put a picture on my bwog and tell people about it?" anyway - apologies for the false picture posts, but i'm not taking them down cause they are too precious!

Charlotte's Bday

where's charlotte? char-let, charlotte! oh. asher, charlotte and elliette and rashelle and rashelle and who is that mommy right there? (ella jayne) ella jayne? oh yes. ella jayne. thats all the people. (what were you doing?) we was cutting. we was cutting. and dwawing and gluing. we was gluing too. mommy has you seen that game the nose goes zzzzz and you put the plug in and it goes zzzzz (operation?) no. the things in the boys body. in his tummy. and we gotta get them out of that boy. its called that game. its at buddy and hopey's house. (what about the picture? anything else?) yes. and rashelle and ella jayne and charlotte and asher and the paper and the glue and the crayons and and and RASHELLE and CHARLOTTE!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

uncle peep

i didnt take a picture of that one. oh. oh. mommy i saw something on your finger. no look it on your other finger. (who is that bryson?) thats uncle pete. (what is he doing) he is going to go running. (what does he have on his head?) uh.uh. i dont know.oh yes. a headband. he is wearing a headband because he is going to go run with daddy and bryson and mommy and daddy and auntie. and you goed (talking to auntie sara) and then you didnt go and you goed to the party. whyd you go to the party? (i had to go to a shower, sara said) oh. but you cant go because the party is too little.