Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i want to do B because i like rattlesnakesb  . i want to z. k now i like going here because there were a lot of rattlesnakes. i wish we could go up a mountain. i wish we could climb on it. even i havent eat lunch. did you hear me? i never ate lunch. why do i never eat lunch when i go here? and mom i like this.

mom when we were riding our bikes on the trail we saw 2 rattlesnakes. they looked like brown and stingers. are they stingers? (no) could they hurt you? (yes) if they bite you will you still be alive? (you have to go to the hospital so they can give you medicine) ohhhhh....ohhhh...wait but how will they get it back on? will they give me a robot thing? like a robot elbow? if i get bite-en by them will they give me a robot elbow or will they sew it back on? (it would just be tiny teeth holes) oh...like this (pinches himself) (yes sorta) hahahahaha. well....i dont want to get hurt. mom know what? i never want to get bite by a rattlesnake. every day you see a rattlesnake you gotta get your jeans on. you gotta get your jeans on when you see rattlesnakes. thats all i want to say mom. and im hungry. and can i eat a rattlesnake? (sure - some people do) wait...but we have to cook a rattlesnake. i gotta taste one. can i have a rattlesnake for lunch? (sorry they dont have them at the grocery store) why dont we? why dont we? i like going here cause i really like riding our bikes. i really really do. but why is there rattlesnakes there? (cause that  is their home) oh cause they like to hide there. i like that. i like riding our bikes