Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the picnic one

mom we should go play golf and see how i hit balls. mom we didnt do that in a looong long time. is there a pencil somewhere (why?) cause i need to draw a ball. mom i drawed the golf ball and get ready and hit it and go *pshhhhhhhhhh* that is all the balls flying in the air. (what about this picture you took?) thats it mom. done golfing. done golfing mom. did you heard that? it was a good day but i dont want to say anything else. mom we should go golf! go golfing now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

the sky

say flying in the air. wait dont write it till its on! flying in the air. another...that was like over that line sky. mom lets go golfing. and i want to talk about another flying ball. mom i want to talk about another flying ball when i was hitting it with the tennis racket. when we was leaving. mom i wanna see one when we was hitting it on my tennis racket. the ball on my tennis racket when we was leaving.

i like the air when it has a line on it. thats why i like the air. mommy i want to go golfing again. lets go golfing mom. lets go golfiiiiiiiing. dad....mom...lets go golfing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

the driver

is it a driver of playing golf? is it a driver? (yes it is). it is a picture of playing golf. playing golf at the range. hitting balls. hitting golf balls? uh oh now my club got burned in the fire and now i cant use it. i like golf cause i'm a johnson. (who told you that?) uncle jake did. uncle darrol. buddy is a johnson and i am a johnson. we both johnsons. (what does that mean?) that means you're great.


bodie. bodie - D-R-Y-D-R-Y-D-R-Y - because bodie is like that D-R-Y (i am assuming he thinks that is how you spell his name) what is you doing? you feeding him? you feeding him mom. i like to say D-R-Y. D-R-Y Bodie. (singing) D-R-Y... D-R-Y...D-R-Y....(anything else?) um mom? the jacuzzi is just right. i want to go see daddy.