Monday, November 30, 2009

max and asher

mom i want to write the blog (you dont know how to write  yet) mom i do know how to write. (fine, go ahead)   hb xbvhjhgvjfgdhsdeffsggvfuyftsygyaedfgte  r uw yry6rruedhwiruirtyroeyrtutrgbvvbbbbdcjshgffjhdgjdgfyghbgfhgfhht tttrughht (what does that mean?) uh, mom, it means Bryson Wallace Barnes. i pressed "B" mom. there is B. mom there is B. theres B theres B theres B theres B. (what about your picture?)bbbbbh vghggufy (stop) mom you could talk about my blog. (but this is your blog, not mine) i dont want to talk about it. (why did you take it) i took it for someone else. to send it to someone. (who?) i wanted to send it to asher. my best friend asher. i wanted to send it to him. (why?) because he is my favorite friend. (why?) know why! because he is the best and he is the greatest and grandpa craig is the bum. and asher is the greatest and uncle jake is not the greatest. (what are you wearing?) i am wearing the camera....hahahahah....i'm wearing the camera...(what else?) mom i dont know. i'm wearing my max suit (why?) because i like. to. mom, dont scoot right here because i am going to see where Bodie that is my spot, dont scoot. (you were talking about your max suit) its because i like my max suit and mom when is the next halloween? i am gunna be max for the next halloween. no, i'm gunna be santa and i'm gunna share and i'm gunna give my max suit to asher, oh but i'm not because i like my max suit. mom thats all it is. mom thats all it is. mom thats all it is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

more nature walk

 the forest. mom i can't do this. mom i want to get down. thats a forest mom. thats a forest.

 i wanted to know what it is. mom what is that furry thing? i think it is a cave. my closet could be a cave. make a cave. mom we should make a cave.

 what is that? its my max leg. all aboard! but mom it looks like a ghooooost....

 uh mom...that one is for concentrating and doing all unner going to church. i took it at the nature walk.

that ones for concentrating. i want to write the numbers. mom i want to write the numbers..bbbbyujhhjhhnmmbnm,h,hk,hkhmhmmbmb,b,bb (okay my turn) mom i want to try some more. (how bout you talk about your pictures?) i dont think i want to. woah! mom howd you get that smaller? did you press "A"? that is A...that is A...AAAAAA...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


mom i didnt want to take that picture, but i did.

mor mor the great

what was she gunna get? i want to talk about it like mom...just uh...that mor mor's great. i took it because mor mor is great. mom i took it about mor mor because she is great. i just was doing something with her. like...just uh...cutting some she took me to the uh...on a walk...or at the park...and...i love her.

where the wild bryson is...

but i took it because i like my max suit. moooom dont write it just gunna say one...eeeewwww who did that? (why do you like wearing your max suit?) because i like it. because i like it. because mom i looooove max. because. just because. i love people and stuff. uh i do say that i took at the nature walk (that is at our house) i took uh....because mom....its because mom theres max! the king of the wild things thats why...i like the movie because mom...i love it...and because max is the king of the wild things.  thats why i loved the movie. carol was my favorite then max bof of them was my favorites mom. (what was your favorite part of the movie?) when carol ruined the houses. that was my favorite part. and when they was making the fort. that was my favorite part.