Thursday, February 2, 2012

this one...i...wait...can i make it funny? like i can eat a duck? mom...can i eat duck? (not one of those) cause they have guts. mom i wonder why there are a bunch of spikey trees. you wonder why those ducks have black head? i dont know. hmmm...and why do some do they have beige things on them? hmmm...and is that a nest? i dont know. we were at the nature walk. i took that picture because i like the ducks. because they have black heads. and because they have tails. and i dont know what else.

mom...i like this one. cause it has those colors in the water and it has this like line. its kinda cool. and cause there are trees in the back and cool stuff. what did you write? 

bryson (he just typed that)

there is lizards at the nature walk. can you delete that? i messed up. because i was going to say, i like the nature walk because there is lizards. hmm...wait mom...should you write a question right there? okay...and cause there is like blue on the line and the nature walk has a lot of animals and squirrels. (anything else?) no...i'm good. period.