Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy and daddy

daddy looks funny. daddy has a pacifier in his mouth. yes. thats funny. thats the one that i took. yes. lips are burning. oh - i want to see the one where you are putting your thumbs up.

yes yes yes. what one is a video? (none of them - they are pictures) yes they are let me show you (presses the enter key like 10 times with me saying that doesnt work and stop pushing that the entire time) you are putting your thumbs up. feeding bodie. you are feeding bodie. i want to see david bowie on your picture says, "power of voodoo"
(why did you take this picture?) cause i thought it was beautiful. cause it was beautiful.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

david bowie and baseball

why is your hair like that? (like what?) like that what i saw. why is your hair like david bowie? you are like david bowie in that picture.
its a picture of bodie. he is rolling over. and he was hitting baseballs and bodie was hitting baseballs - he was hitting baseballs! bodie was hitting baseball. he was playing baseball.

that's silly. that's when everyone goes huh huh huh huh hahahahahaha. just kidding im good at wasseling (wrestling) too.