Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Make a Paper Airplane by Bryson

Step 1: you got to fold it
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Step2: fold it again
Step 3: you got to fold it again. fold it like this now
Step 4: fold the ears. now make the ears
Step 5: make the ears like this
Step 6: fold the other ear
Now We're Done!
Now fly your airplane! You got to make them good like this. i like them because you get to make them and they fly. like you throw them and they fly like that. most awesome things. most most most awesome thing.

they fly good. and they are most important to make. they are very hard to make. Miss Lizzy makes these ones and they fly that!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cool outfit

mom i like doing poses and stuff. and i like playing with asher. but i do like doing poses. i think i like doing smiles better. i think i like doing smiles better. and i like painting stuff. and i like those shorts and stuff. and i like my shirt, and i like my vest and i like everything in my house. even i like asher...even i like ella jayne. (why did you pick out that outfit?) because i like that outfit. cause it matched and stuff thats why. thats all. (what matched?) the shirt did. (with what?) with my unner shirt. remember those yellow polkadots? thats what im saying. (anything else?) nope. after i am done eating dinner i'll talk about it? think so, mom? think i should do it? (whatever you want, baby) after im done eating dinner could i do this more?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i want to do B because i like rattlesnakesb  . i want to z. k now i like going here because there were a lot of rattlesnakes. i wish we could go up a mountain. i wish we could climb on it. even i havent eat lunch. did you hear me? i never ate lunch. why do i never eat lunch when i go here? and mom i like this.

mom when we were riding our bikes on the trail we saw 2 rattlesnakes. they looked like brown and stingers. are they stingers? (no) could they hurt you? (yes) if they bite you will you still be alive? (you have to go to the hospital so they can give you medicine) ohhhhh....ohhhh...wait but how will they get it back on? will they give me a robot thing? like a robot elbow? if i get bite-en by them will they give me a robot elbow or will they sew it back on? (it would just be tiny teeth holes) this (pinches himself) (yes sorta) hahahahaha. well....i dont want to get hurt. mom know what? i never want to get bite by a rattlesnake. every day you see a rattlesnake you gotta get your jeans on. you gotta get your jeans on when you see rattlesnakes. thats all i want to say mom. and im hungry. and can i eat a rattlesnake? (sure - some people do) wait...but we have to cook a rattlesnake. i gotta taste one. can i have a rattlesnake for lunch? (sorry they dont have them at the grocery store) why dont we? why dont we? i like going here cause i really like riding our bikes. i really really do. but why is there rattlesnakes there? (cause that  is their home) oh cause they like to hide there. i like that. i like riding our bikes

Thursday, April 29, 2010

madrona marsh

i looked at red ants. i like the red ants, but ants dont bite...wait...only red ones bite? but the little tiny black ones dont bite? (right) and the red ants do bite. do they? yeah. they do. there could be some more red ants because only they live in this place because they like to be in holes and stuff. and gophers love to be in holes. do gophers be in holes? (yes) they do. and gophers lay little tiny eggs, do they? (no) but i thought every animal lays eggs? (mammals dont) we dont. only animals lay eggs. but some dont. mom...know what? i want to do the B because i am gunna say this word.

(tell me about where we went) i like going here. i want to go here again. i would like to go here when its sunny. could we? when will you be watching me? when we wake up? (yes) and we could go here could we? (not tomorrow) why? (because we are going somewhere else tomorrow?) i like about the place that there were swamps and stuff. what other animals live in swamps? birdies. frogs. (good job!) i like going here because there are a lot of bugs and red ants. and i even love the thorns. when daddy watches me could you tell him the street to go here? no...he could already know how to go here with his navigator! his phone is a navigator! i love going here. that is all i want to say.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the golf cymbal

i'll type mom. i'll type. (no...i'll do it thanks) do K then R then Y and where is O? and then O. oh i love daddy but i dont really like going to my golf class, but i do cause it is good. i want asher to see this. bodie clapped with his hands. i like going golf with daddy, but i dont like doing bad swings. but i do like just doing good stuff. K i like this day. i like this day when i do this. what i am doing. and i like guns and nerf guns. i want a BB gun but i cant have a BB gun. my mom wont let me have one. uncle jake is just messes me up. look at all the histories we did on the golf course the last day. long day. yeah...this hit is good. i did good hits on this thing when i am good at golf. i am really good at golf, but not really. that is all i want to say and mom, i am done with this. mom i am done. mom i said i am done.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

chitty chitty bang bang

i dont think i want to do it. i just want to look at the pictures. (singing) chitty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang. oh. it just was a song...i dont think you write songs...chitty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang i love you.chitty chity bang bang i love you. (what is the movie about?) a flying car. chitty chitty bang bang. it has wings. dog whistles and dogs got everywhere. im not gunna write all of it. (what was your favorite part?) uhhhh i dunno. oppoop bbbbbbbbbbbbbggggggghjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkllko987 (stop) did i write chitty chitty bang bang? (no but you did write poop) hahahahahaaha i wrote POOP? does that spell poop? mnn   mz pobbxunlb. njjlhjj=k=kk-hkhkjg (stop! anything else?) chitty chitty bang bang i love you (repeated like 20 times) its just a song you are gunna else. i like this movie because its cool with the flying car. i want to fly in a car.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uncle Jake

 mom you do it...i dont know how to write blogs. what do you want it to say? (whatever you want) i wanted to say i love going to uncle Jake's house. and i love playing with Buddy's guns and his legos and stuff, but he doesnt let me play with his legos. but i do like his legos. i wanted to but he doesnt let me. thats why i wanted to because he just doesnt let me. thats all about uncle Jake thats all i want to say. i love playing with buddy's toys and i love playing with Hopey and i love Katie. she doesnt do anything. she just chills. she does nothing. thats all i want to say. hes not the greatest mom. hes not the greatest. no one is the greatest. except daddy. daddy is the greatest. mom both of you is the greatest i know. uncle jake is a bum...hes the bum and grandpa craig is the bum. only when i go to everybody's house they are the greatest. and when i go uncle jake's he is the greatest and when i go to my house daddy is the greatest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

i like....continued

i like this one. mom this is good because i like playing with friends. i like having fun with friends. and i love playing swords with friends. and i love jus playin with friends. and i love playing games on the puter and i love shaking hands with people. i dont know what i was gunna say. and i love singing songs with people and i love playing with people with my toys and i love taking pitchers with friends and i like playing games with friends. i said i love playing games with friends and i love jus having fun with friends. thats all i have to say. and i like when we are writing too. thats all i want to say.

Monday, January 18, 2010

a lesson in native colassi

That one is for showing Asher. I think he's seen it but he hasnt seen it. Mom, Indians are red. Mom, Indians are red. They are different than that. Indians have one feather. (are you talking about the Indians in Peter Pan?) Yes - Indians are red and i like the song they sing. And its good that its good and its good that i like. (do you remember what I told you Indians are supposed to be called?) no...i dont remember. (native...) native colassi....native covasoo...(no) native colassi...its called a navid...(they are called native americans - i then showed him pictures of native americans and how they are NOT red...thank you) mom they only have one feather. mom, they dont look like that. (grrr...peter pan...thanks a lot!!!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

good good good

i like this when we do it. when we do it its good. i like when we shake this thing. this is when we do that. i like when you just skype on here doing it. i like this. i like when we do it. i like it when Bodie is here. and i like when daddy is watching me. and mommy watching me. (what were you doing in this picture?) i was doing this with Bodie. shaking this necklace with him. i like when i play with Bodie. this is beautiful. this is good. i like it really good. really good. really good. really really good.bbbbbbbb j       hhx (stop) (anything else?) nussing else. i like this. really good. there is more. i like this really good when this is good i like it. when he does it it is good. its okay if he pulls my hair. i like cutting my hair. and i like playing games on the computer. thats all i want to say. I LIKE THIS REALLYGOOD AND THIS IS REALLY COOL WHEN I DO IT!!! good good good its good good good (anything you want to say beside good and you like it?) its good good good good.....

i like it when....

this one is for asher. that is all i said. this is for you mom. i like you and i like when you watch. and i like when you watch me and i like when daddy watches me. so i love asher and i love when he comes to our house. and i love playing with him. and i really like playing gun games with him. and i really like playing flashlights with him. and i really skyping on here with you. i like this when we talk to people on skype. and i like when you read me stories. and i like when you read me 2 stories...or 3 stories on my Bible. and i like when you read me a lot of pages like all the days. and this is good. i love you mom. this is good when you skype on here. and i like when you do this. i like when we do this mom. that is all i want to say.