Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uncle Jake

 mom you do it...i dont know how to write blogs. what do you want it to say? (whatever you want) i wanted to say i love going to uncle Jake's house. and i love playing with Buddy's guns and his legos and stuff, but he doesnt let me play with his legos. but i do like his legos. i wanted to but he doesnt let me. thats why i wanted to because he just doesnt let me. thats all about uncle Jake thats all i want to say. i love playing with buddy's toys and i love playing with Hopey and i love Katie. she doesnt do anything. she just chills. she does nothing. thats all i want to say. hes not the greatest mom. hes not the greatest. no one is the greatest. except daddy. daddy is the greatest. mom both of you is the greatest i know. uncle jake is a bum...hes the bum and grandpa craig is the bum. only when i go to everybody's house they are the greatest. and when i go uncle jake's he is the greatest and when i go to my house daddy is the greatest.