Sunday, December 6, 2009

st lucia festival

mom...i forgot her name mom...what was her name mom? (santa lucia) okay this picture is to learn me to dance. she is not singing. she is..uh...i dont know what she is doing? (why is she up there?) because they was gunna sing for her. they was gunna sing like her. (why does she have candles on her head?) because thats what they do. (who is they?) they do. the people. but i dont know what the names are. yeah the swedish. (who are the swedish?) all those kids are. they like dancing. they like you. they like us. they put candles on her head because they have numbers on they heads. swedish festival. i went fishing. and i got a fish. no i got a swedish bag...a sweet bag. my goodie bag. goodie bag. mom thats all it is. thats all thatsall. mbbbb. (stop...all done? all done talking about it.