Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bottled Bodie

i like this picture cause he is smiling like...he's is like what? im gunna talk like a horse. and now he is talking like a horse still. and cause bottle(?) mom, bodie's like, i'm, bodie's like, i'm bottled (what does that mean) that means he's happy. about bodie. i want to talk about...i'm talking ice cream...ha ha ha...i'm talking ice make it splash on that. make it splash mom! oh yeah its all gone! make it splash again! (?) those number things both splash-ed. oh yeah! (anything else about your brother?) nothing else about my bro-yer...cause there isnt room. i talk about bodie down here. he is just...he is beautiful. mom, bodie's beautiful in there. i want to say that he is beautiful again. he is beautiful again. (anything else?) on the other pictures i want to say something.

ice cream colored things

(bryson did not take this picture, but wanted to talk about this i'll roll with it)

i'm eating ice cream. how do you talk about it, mom? (just say why you like the picture) i like the picture cause i'm eating ice cream. mom what is that? what is that colored things? mom what is that colored things? mom i want to go at the store and get ice cream. i like about ice cream with worms in it. mom i'm done talking. i'm done talking with this one. mom i want you to hold on to me. i need to hold on to you. i can't do this. you could just press the buttons now. (okay...i get it...sheesh!)