Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cool outfit

mom i like doing poses and stuff. and i like playing with asher. but i do like doing poses. i think i like doing smiles better. i think i like doing smiles better. and i like painting stuff. and i like those shorts and stuff. and i like my shirt, and i like my vest and i like everything in my house. even i like asher...even i like ella jayne. (why did you pick out that outfit?) because i like that outfit. cause it matched and stuff thats why. thats all. (what matched?) the shirt did. (with what?) with my unner shirt. remember those yellow polkadots? thats what im saying. (anything else?) nope. after i am done eating dinner i'll talk about it? think so, mom? think i should do it? (whatever you want, baby) after im done eating dinner could i do this more?