Thursday, September 17, 2009

i cant talk about this picture when i have a fever cause we arent going to the running beach. he was in the water in the water way deep...he was way way way where the fishies know that? you know that he was? because he wanted to be in the water...but he cant cause its know that mom? you know that? (who are you talking about?) pockey pock. he is my favorite favorite friend. he is way deep in the water. he is way deep in the water and he is with the fishies and the fishies are his friends. the big boys are in the water and they got biten by the shark that is pockey pock's friend. they just have blood and they just hurt theyselves. oh mom they are three bites from the shark. because the other one got all bit all over the place because he just was bitten. (anything else?) no. mom some other kids got bite from some fish. but mom only pockey pock will get bite from some mean fish (i thought they were his friends?) oh yeah...they are.

mom. when i was sleeping last night daddy said it breaks my heart when he spanks me. (why did he spank you?) no no mom. i mean it breaks his heart when he spanks me because he doesnt like to spank me and do you dont like to spank me too? (of course i dont) oh okay. then dont spank me when i be a bad boy! (what should we do then when you are a bad boy?) just should hug me when i am a bad boy. (really? will that teach you anything?) yeah. oh and mom someone almost drinked all of my orange gooterade. who did it mom? did you do it? (i am trying to write about the picture) oh. (anything else you want to say about the picture?) nope.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

jesus on a cross

there's bloodholes. oh i was gunna talk about something else. the nails are for Jesus so he won't get the cross. and they rolled the dice because someone else wants to wear his clothes. they want to wear his clothes because someone else wanted to be Jesus. that's why. the white is for his pee-nee because they put it on his pee-nee when he dies. i wanted to take another picture of him when he is on the computer. i sawed it at church mom. you're right mom i sawed it at church. what mom? what mom? what mom? what daddy do mom? what daddy do? (what did you see at church?) that thing on him. that white thing. i was gunna make it black. (who put it on him?) the people that was there. and when we was at meema and papas i had a tunnel cookie and we bringed it home. and mom did you pick me up? mom did you pick me up? oh...i thought i was gunna go by myself. (did Jesus stay on the cross?) NO! they put him in the tunnel and then he pushed the rock and then he went back in heaven. (do you want to say anything else?) nope. i just want to take a picture of him on the computer. oh mom daddy took a picture of me...put it on my blog. i thought i would die on the cross. (you won't...they don't do that anymore) oh.